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Below describes the courses I teach in addition to the students I supervise.

It is currently widely recognized that for organizations to flourish, be successful and have competitive advantage on the market, employees play a crucial role. In a fast changing and competitive environment, organizations’ performance largely depends on the dedicated, engaged and proactive behaviors of their employees at work. Organizations can no longer ignore the bottom-up processes of employees creating their own jobs, innovating daily work processes, or even creating entirely new organizational units. Modern organizations need to stimulate such positive organizational behaviors through invigorating job design and leadership. Building on a positive organizational perspective, this minor will unravel how organizations can build an engaged and proactive workforce. Examples of topics that will be covered are employees’ psychological capital, work engagement, positive emotions, employee and team performance, proactive work behavior (job crafting and corporate entrepreneurship), selecting for excellence, positive human resource management, leadership, strengths use, coaching, and mindfulness.

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